Volume 3 in this three-volume set covers the final days of General Soeharto’s New Order regime, the 1997-1998 monetary crisis and the May 1998 nationwide riots that forced his resignation in disgrace. Packed with first-hand accounts and original source material, this book details the continuing turmoil under President’s B.J. Habibie, Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati Sukarnoputri – the violent separation of East Timor; civil war in Maluku; black operations in Papua; the bloody insurgency, tragic tsunami and eventual peace accord in Aceh; the advent of Islamic terrorism – and the election (and re-election) of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, another army general. Subject to widespread criticism for its human rights record, the Indonesian Army has made a long and difficult journey toward significant reforms. Now, more than fifteen years after the collapse of Soeharto’s New Order regime, there is reason for optimism a new generation of military leaders will complete the internal reform process and the Army’s transformation after more than six decades from an ill-disciplined revolutionary people’s army into a more modern and professional force.

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